Connecting the WHY with WHAT and HOW

No matter WHAT 

you teach, WHO

you teach matters


The greatest thing about teaching is that it MATTERS.

The hardest thing about teaching is that it MATTERS every day.

-Todd Whitaker


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Professional Development

District Resources

PD Opportunities

Please seek

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"Life never stops


Be sure you never stop LEARNING."

                                                                  — Michael Josephson

Plan will be updated June 2021

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Juli Higer & Nikki Toombs

Alicia Moss

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Mitch Maskers & Troy Dunn


Curriculum Goals

Savannah R-III School District's Mission:

A Growing District for Growing Minds



The district is currently incorporating

District Continuous Improvement (DCI) doctrine

into our everyday culture 

while we transition to a more rigorous curriculum

for our students. 

CSIP Aligned Initiatives

Implementing Engagement and Critical Thinking 

By the end of the 2025-26 school year, SR3 teachers (PreK-12) will use the

5E Instructional Model that incorporates Engagement Strategies (NEE Standard 1.2) and implements Critical Thinking opportunities (NEE Standard 4.1) into their lessons. 

Goal in progress!

Standards-Based Education

Elementary SR3 teachers, grades K-5, will implement a Standards Based Education (curriculum, assessment, and reporting) System into their classrooms.

Goal in progress!



Data Driven Instruction

SR3 teachers, PreK-12, will make Data Driven Decisions in their classrooms using data from benchmarks, common formative assessments (NEE Standard 7.4),

and/or summative assessments. 

Goal in progress!




 SR3 teachers, grades K-12, will utilize a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

for Intervention and Enrichment opportunities during the school day.

Goal in progress!



Benchmarking Data

SR3 teachers, grades K-12, will provide benchmarking data in the CORE content areas for the BOE three times a year (September, December, and May) so that student learning growth may be tracked. 

Goal in progress!




What is SBE?



Standards Based Education encompasses the philosophy

that students should be

held accountable for the

learning process and mastery

of expected outcomes.

Instead of traditional letter grades, student mastery is reported

on a scale of 4, 3, 2, 1.

Mastery levels are determined according to the state standards

for each content area. 



Which grade levels

does SBE affect?



Kindergarten and First Grade are still operating on a Concept Mastery platform, as always. They will continue to report mastery levels to students and parents.


          Second through Fifth grade                will be reporting mastery level scores to students and parents. All priority standards for their content area have scales built to match state proficiency requirements.


     Kindergarten through Fifth grade      will operate with the SBE philosophy and grading practices. Please see the district guidelines for these classrooms in the middle column.



Best Practices

AAIS: Engagment


Engaging Learning Experience


  • Energize learners at the beginning of any learning session

  • Help students Navigate the new content and Generate personal meaning and relevance from it

  • Apply their learning to the real world

  • Gauge and celebrate their progress

  • Extend their learning to action

-Dr. Vicki Halsey

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Contact Information:

Ashley Anderson
Curriculum Director

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Contact Information:

Ashley Anderson
Curriculum Director